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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Fahrenheit 4/20

Two images yesterday:

1. Nicole Kidman's portrayal of Virginia Woolf in The Hours where she's wearing that long ruffly dress and she starts at the shore and just keeps walking straight into the water.

That's what I did yesterday at the ocean, but without stones in my pockets nor death as my intention.

Mental note: Swimwear with rock pockets.

2. That Shel Silverstein poem "It's Hot" where the speaker concludes "I think I’ll take my skin off/ And sit around in my bones." Do I have to put another period after that quotation mark? It just looks so weird. .". Like Mr. T with his mohawk and earrings.

Do you know the poem I'm talking about where the guy is just sitting there, a skeleton yet he has a full face, dripping wet, and all he wants is a cooler climate. A poem about a guy who can't afford air conditioning, or maybe he has the box kind like me but can't get it to stay in his window. Not everyone has windows like that, that slide upward into exactly the shape of an air conditioner. And if anyone built a house that way they'd be building a house for someone who couldn't pay for central air and they wouldn't be very successful in the real estate market. Or maybe the speaker is one of those people who plays the martyr and just wants to say, "I have to work on Monday. I can't just fly to Alaska on a moment's notice."

So those two images.

Now see the image above?

I've been reading the Osho book on Intimacy for about three years now. My bookshelf is a medicine cabinet, and I go through several books a week, skimming for emotional, spiritual, and financial cures I can implement in a moment. Even the abundance thing where you write yourself a check for a certain amount...I have all these checks lying around that at one point I had taped to my ceiling or to this picture of yellow flowers. I can only have people over if I know they won't laugh at my Vision Board.

That dolphin towel was a gift from my parents. It's one of my staple possessions, having also served as a bathrobe and a welcome mat. It makes me think of, "One foot in sea, and one on shore, to one thing constant never..." You should really hear Emma Thompson speak those words (link below), which refer to men and not beach towels, but if you look closely at the design on the towel, it does represent part shore, with the distant palm trees, and then part sea, as we are met practically face to face with these fish.

This is actually a towel about love and perspective, as we get to see things from the perspective of being underwater, as though we were

1. Virgina Woolf dying
2. Fish on a beach towel
3. Not giving a shit about this idea
4. Being told that everything has to do with the ability to see into another, or from another's perspective

I have to go. My mind is melting.

"These trees don't know any ten commandments, the birds don't know any holy scriptures. It is only man who has created a problem for himself." -Osho

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