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Sunday, April 19, 2009


I am working on this as a cinematic mash-up.

Here are some basic plot structures:

1. Carrie loses her pigskin Balenciaga bag, and on her search, stumbles into a PETA meeting and it totally changes her life! She vows to never wear leather again, unless it's a really important art opening.
2. Babe is lost in the city and stumbles into the diner where the 4 women hang out in baggier clothes than they wear for going out. They befriend Babe and get to hear about juicy farm romances and then finally convince Babe to stay in NY and work as Miranda's paralegal. The twist? Babe has lied about his legal experience to impress the girls and now must take a crash course at a community center where the teacher happens to be...someone Samantha previously bedded!
3. Babe goes into the city, gets hit by a stroller at a high end toy store, and slips into a coma. Charlotte is there and mistakes Babe for a stuffed toy, and brings Babe home to her new baby. Trouble stirs when Carrie plans a Congratulations-On-Your Baby-Bacon-Brunch at Charlotte's and Babe wakes up to the familiar smell. He tramples through her house, destroying her Laura Ashley-esque curtains, and even eating one of her pregnancy tests! When they call Mr. Big for help, he comes over, carrying a pig of his own! The women learn to accept pigs, and they all head out for a day of complaining and facials in the city.
4. Samantha goes away for a Farm Weekend Sex Retreat. She has a fling with a country boy, and on her way back she finds a note tied to her vibrator that says, Expect a surprise. He ends up mailing her a pig...and has it delivered to the PR Firm where she works! Miranda drops by to tell Samantha that she didn't appreciate the comment she made at last week's Underwear Party, but when she sees the pig, she falls to her knees, jerking with tears, and recalls a story from her childhood about how all she wanted was a pig and they only way she could fulfill that desire was by taking another risk, which meant going to the store and buying L'Oreal Feria Dye, and now she's worried she will never see her natural color again. Carrie and Charlotte happen to pop in with sandwiches, and they all tell their saddest stories. Then there's a storm, a terrible storm, and they are forced to rearrange the office into their own apartment, where they live for the next three or four episodes with the pig.

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