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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I Lost My Blue Cardigan

And "blue cardigan" is not code for "faith in humanity," or "Ralph's Card," or "Heart In San Francisco"...

What was I doing at the beach in sweater-weather? O Life! O Impulse! I only had it for a couple weeks and those weeks passed so quickly! The cardigan sleeps in the sand now, like a lyric in a Tony Bennett song, and perhaps one day will biodegrade and become part of the Earth. Oh dear. Do acrylic blends biodegrade?

Hopefully it will not get washed into the ocean and smother a fish.

I just had a memory of a voluptuous girl with black hair and tons of eyeliner performing this poem at a high school speech competition where she demanded that the listener, "CARESS MY THIGHS BY THE AEGEAN SEA!!"

This sweater was perfect because it was long enough that when I sat at the coffeeshop it covered that slice of skin between jeans and eternity. O BLUE CARDIGAN! Nancy Cardigan. That was her name.

The only documentation of this sweater can be seen in the above video.

Fly, dear button-down, fly.

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